Things to know about Jamaica’s Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoons

Jamaica’s Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoons sparks your imaginations to life, the luminous lagoon is one of a kind and may not be available anywhere else in the world. The shimmering blue lights occur because of Dinoflagellates microorganisms present in the blue water. The brilliant lights are something not to be missed out while in Jamaica and if you are dedicated to fest your eyes then look no further than American Airlines.

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Get a chance to discover this hidden beauty when darkness hits the city, truly magical experience when you make your reservations with American Airlines Reservations. But before that check out these cool things you should know about the Glistening waters of Jamaica:

  • These lagoons are usually shallow in-depth and are suitable for children too.
  • The Luminous Lagoon is formed at a point where the Caribbean Sea is met by Martha Brae River.
  • The entire credit goes to the microorganism-dinoflagellates known to diffuse a luminescent light when aroused.
  • The entire region is swarming with mangroves and to these amazing organisms can be only found in regions where fresh waters come in contact with saltwater and illuminate in warm and shallow water with an overall depth of four to eight feet
  • The glistening waters stretch from the Trelawny marshlands to Falmouth which is an important hub for ports in Jamaica.

To reach this magical destination visitors can always reach out for the tour boats which are in operation 24/7. The tour may last for one hour to forty-five minutes which will allow you to swim and enjoy the spectacular bright light emitting from the shallow waters.

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American Airlines: Interesting Facts about Salt Lake City-Utah

The Mormon Church may not be the only attraction you want to learn about in Salt Lake City, Utah, but it is also a significant tourist attraction for skiing and snowboarding, beautiful landscape and great skiing lovers. From superb religious buildings like the Salt lake temple to magnificent landscapes, there’s a lot to learn from this city.

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Interesting Facts about Utah

  • Utah is home to five of the most famous national park in the United States namely Capital Reef, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, and Zion. There is no state like Utah its massive red-walled canyons are major tourist attractions.
  • The density of the Salt Lake is extremely high and salty, a person may never sink and float atop of its waters.
  • Utah is home to the First Kentucky Fried Chicken known by the name of Sanders Court and Café.
  • The Family History Library on the western side of Temple Square is an open library for the public managed by the saints of the Church of Jesus Christ.
  • Loftus Novelty, a leading producer of rubber chicken in the United States is based in Salt Lake.
  • Utah is home to Barons Motorcycle Club, one of the most popular motorcycle clubs in the US.
  • The Beehive is the national symbol of Utah, it represents hard work and economy.
  • Utah is home to more than 118 popular bars.
  • The name Utah got it from the natives of North America- Ute or people of the mountains.
  • Utah stands tall from the rest of the American cities when it comes to literacy rate.

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How to Save More Money on Food While in Barcelona

Barcelona is a spectacular city in Spain, known worldwide for its magnificent art and architecture. Even though Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Europe, it is not as crazy expensive as many people assume it to be. And the good news is you can visit the city while maintaining a fixed budget!

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Here’s how to go about Barcelona maintaining a food-budget:

  1. Avoid eating near popular tourist attractions. An obvious reason why you shouldn’t eat near any popular tourist attractions is that the prices are higher than necessary with an aim to grab large sums from tourists.
  2. Eat where the locals eat. Try to eat at places where the locals are eating, because they are usually low-priced or reasonable.
  3. Always check the menu and price before going for it. It is wise to understand what you are getting yourself into before blindly jumping in and be stunned with the bill later.
  4. Explore the La Boqueria market. The scene in this market is indeed overcrowded, but one cannot deny the fact that they provide world-class food in variety and at impressively reasonable prices.
  5. Avoid food stalls and restaurants that have their menu translated into multiple languages. In a city as popular as this, if you come across food corners and their menu is translated in more than two languages, it is likely a tourist scam.

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Measures to Plan a Budget-Friendly Family Vacation

Who says a budget-friendly family vacation is not possible? It is possible and very present. It is important that every family get to travel even while sticking to a fixed budget, just requires some good brains to plan it out. And we don’t mind helping out, thus the purpose of this blog!

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Possible hints to achieve a budget-friendly family vacation are given below:

  1. Compare flight fares from different sites and go with the cheapest flight.
  2. Watch out for those exclusive family discounts, they add more spark.
  3. Plan a vacation during off-seasons; they are cheapest at this time.
  4. Be aware of the fact that almost all airlines allow children under the age of two to fly free.
  5. Consider renting a vacation home instead of a hotel.
  6. Cook your own food; they are less expensive than eating in fancy restaurants.
  7. Do not frequently eat or drink outside.
  8. Carry some food packed from home.
  9. Don’t ignore free museums, parks, or beaches wherever you are at.
  10. Use local transportation to explore the city or even take a walk.
  11. Shop in local markets for vegetables and other food products.
  12. Don’t over-spend and constantly keep your budget in a check.

Stick to these tips, make some effort to put it into practice and you’ll be surprised how well it goes!

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Fun facts about Chicago you should know before traveling there

The Windy City has everything a traveler could ever wish for, from a great international city, beautiful buildings, entertainment, food to the history of contributing to art, culture, and technology on a global scale.

Chicago is one of the most beautiful places to visit and with the winters already knocking at your doors, it’s time to book your flight tickets for Chicago.  If you wish to be part of the eclectic street festivals to running along the Lakefront and hitting the beach, then you should make your reservations with American Airlines Reservations.

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Here are 10 facts about Chicago you should know before making a visit to Chicago:

  1. Chicago is the third-largest city in the U.S. and is home to an estimated 2.7M residents comprising of 77 community areas.
  2. Chicago is also known by the name of The Windy City, City of Big Shoulders, The Second City, The White City, and The City That Works.
  3. Chicago’s first name was first recorded in 1688, where it was pronounced as Chicgagou, an Algonquian word meaning “onion field.”
  4. The Art Institute of Chicago is home to one of the largest collections of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings.
  5. The City of Chicago’s Public Art Program displays more than 500 public works of art displayed in over 150 municipal facilities contributed by Picasso, Chagall, Miro, and Calder.
  6. Chicago id home to approximately 60 museums, 200 art galleries, 20 neighborhood art centers, 250 theatres, 225 music venues, and 200 dance companies.
  7. Designed by Major William Le Baron Jenney the world’s first skyscraper was built in Chicago in 1885 by the Home Insurance Company.
  8. The first known game of 16-inch softball, played without gloves, was invented in Chicago on Thanksgiving Day 1887 at the Farragut Boat Club.
  9. The famous Walt Disney was born in the Hermosa, neighborhood of Chicago in 1901.
  10. Earned the NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award six times, led the Chicago Bulls to six National Basketball Association championships, Michael Jordan although born in New York, is synonymous with Chicago.

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Bizarre Singaporean Food That Will Blow Your Mind

Singapore is a land with truly amazing food and dishes, way beyond what you can imagine. Singaporean cuisine is mixed with an infusion of settlers from all over the world. You get all kinds of food here, and talking about bizarre food, yes, it can be found here as well.

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Given below is the most bizarre food in Singapore that might send some recoiling back in disgust or a feeling to even try:

  1. Live Octopus (Sannakji): A wildly popular dish found in Singapore.
  2. Crocodile Paws: Indeed, crocodile claws are included as a dish.
  3. Fried Fallopian Tubes: It is flavored entirely by the sauce it was stir-fried with.
  4. Raw Beef (Steak tartare): A minced raw beef often topped with a pleasing egg yolk.
  5. Puffer-fish (Fugu): The organs of the puffer-fish contain poison and only the bravest would try this dish.
  6. Goose Web: When cooked right, it is soft, tender and falls off the bone easily.
  7. Crocodile Tail: Not only the paws but its tails are cooked as dishes too. Herbs are added and the meat is slow-cooked.
  8. Pig’s Brain Soup: Considered as highly nutritious and believed to aid in mental capabilities.
  9. Shark Meat-cross: The taste of it is between a chicken and an alligator, just a little chewier.

Bizarre and weird, indeed! However, if you are a person who is brave and adventurous enough to even think of trying it, then well, you can go ahead!

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Book cheap tickets with American Airlines & travel to Yucatan

Yucatan is a Mexican State known for its beaches, stone temples, resorts, and adventure activities.  The state is brimming with outdoor fun, wildlife and much more. You can explore the city, the coast full of Mayan culture and temples that will leave you amazed. So, plan on this beautiful city with American airlines reservation to get the surprising discounts. Let us take a tour of a few beautiful attractions in Yucatan.

Explore the beaches

You always have the option to visit beaches here if you do not want to be at your hotel. You can spend time swimming and just relaxing on the beach. It is much more fun to sit on the sand and enjoy music or just look at the horizon and feel the peace away from the crowd. Book your American airlines flights for great deals and take your friends or your loved one to share some quality time.

Experience the nightlife in Yucatan

You can find a row of clubs and pubs while going down the streets towards the beaches. There are a lot of night clubs you get the pumping of the music from. These are the fun places that will excite you to join the same vibes and groups of people intoxicated with the energy of a typical beach party. So, without delaying find suitable American airlines deals and save some money.

Visit the Mayan Pyramids

You must visit Mayan peninsula during your visit as it offers numerous Mayan ruins and pyramids. You can walk through the Tulum ruins and visit well known Chichen Itza and can explore the most beautiful sites. You would certainly not want to leave them.

Swim with turtles at Akumal

Akumal is a very popular place since it is due to the resort near the beach. You are advised to participate in snorkeling and swim with turtles and witness the diverse creatures under guidance. It is the coolest thing that you can do during your trip. So, go on log into the American airlines official site that will amaze you with seasonal discount offers.

A Quick Journey to the World-Famous Sin City Las Vegas

Las Vegas which is popularly known as Vegas is the entertainment hub for the United States of America. Its location is on the sides of Mo save desert of Southern Nevada. The city is known for its nightlife as it has features like mega-hotels, enormous casinos and so on. Casinos and hotels are designed in such a way that appears like a fantasy world. There are names given to casinos that stir up a mystery, romance and makes it an exotic destination. The climate of Las Vegas is extreme, the summers are hot but the humidity level is low. You can make reservations with American Airlines Reservations and enjoy the taste of this exotic land.

The top places to visit in Las Vegas for tourists

Las Vegas which is known for its energetic nightlife, has a cluster of hotels, designer boutiques, and musical fountains. It is a place of various entertainment programs like music concerts, comedy shows, etc. Its luxurious side is reflected by famous night clubs. In this blog we will discuss happening places in Las Vegas:

Red Rock Canyon: Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is known for its geographical features like gigantic red stone peaks. It has got seasonal water-fall. To the south of the canyon, there is Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. Here you can go hiking and camping.

Neon Museum: The Neon Museum contains signs from old casinos and other businesses like hotels. The signs are considered by locals of Las Vegas, government authorities and business owners as part of the history and culture of Las Vegas.

Natural History Museum: The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is a non-profit museum open for the tourists to enjoy. The exhibition is of various kind varying from dinosaurs, marine life and it also showcases various things from Egypt. To enjoy the grand Las Vegas, go for American Airlines Flights and solve all your travel problems.

Floyd Lamb Park: The Floyd Lamb Park is located near a series of small lakes. It is an ideal place for tourists who are interested in fishing. There are four lakes that are preserved for fishing. Tule Spring lake is the largest lake out there.

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Explore unspoiled sites in Santa Marta with American Airlines

A trip to Santa Marta will be jam-packed with the most exciting and wide ranges of activities and sights. Santa Marta is drenched beautifully in history, and its cross between the various cultures make it a diverse place that is full of new possibilities in terms of cuisine, attire, architecture, and art. There are so many pretty visuals and landscapes around the city that will leave you marveling the city for a long time to come. You get amazing deals at great prices when you fly with. Make sure you have the best experiences on your travel by booking your flight tickets with American airlines.

American Airlines Reservations

Here are four spots in Santa Marta that will steal your heart with their natural beauty and purity:



Rodarero is a happening neighborhood here. You can do a lot of fun stuff. There are resorts, hotels, and inns and this is where many tourists often stay. As you walk around, there will be plenty of street food stalls so make sure to try them. There is some groovy music playing and the lovely beach is nearby too.

La Ciudad Perdida Trek

La Ciudad Perdida Trek

This hiking trail will lead you through the ancient settlement that was abandoned after the Spanish invasion. The hike is not exactly easy, but a little bit of patience and perseverance here will give you rewards in the form of fantastic views. So, hurry up and Book your tickets now on the American Airlines official site!

Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park Santa Marta

This protected National Park in Tayrona is full of mountains laden with forests, beaches, and a breathtaking amount of biodiversity all around. You can rent a hammock or two here and camp out under the stars. So, are you ready to have an exotic wildlife experience? If yes, it is time to look for the ultimate American Airlines deals so as to do affordable reservations early as well as plan everything in advance for your amazing trip!

Santa Marta Public Market

Santa Marta Public Market

If you are on the lookout for fresh food, you will get the absolute fresh fish cooked right in front of you and other food items here. There are loads of colorful shops, stalls, and things to admire here. You can talk to and get to know more about the people who fish, cook, and sell fruits and vegetables in this Colombian market.