Bizarre Singaporean Food That Will Blow Your Mind

Singapore is a land with truly amazing food and dishes, way beyond what you can imagine. Singaporean cuisine is mixed with an infusion of settlers from all over the world. You get all kinds of food here, and talking about bizarre food, yes, it can be found here as well.

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Given below is the most bizarre food in Singapore that might send some recoiling back in disgust or a feeling to even try:

  1. Live Octopus (Sannakji): A wildly popular dish found in Singapore.
  2. Crocodile Paws: Indeed, crocodile claws are included as a dish.
  3. Fried Fallopian Tubes: It is flavored entirely by the sauce it was stir-fried with.
  4. Raw Beef (Steak tartare): A minced raw beef often topped with a pleasing egg yolk.
  5. Puffer-fish (Fugu): The organs of the puffer-fish contain poison and only the bravest would try this dish.
  6. Goose Web: When cooked right, it is soft, tender and falls off the bone easily.
  7. Crocodile Tail: Not only the paws but its tails are cooked as dishes too. Herbs are added and the meat is slow-cooked.
  8. Pig’s Brain Soup: Considered as highly nutritious and believed to aid in mental capabilities.
  9. Shark Meat-cross: The taste of it is between a chicken and an alligator, just a little chewier.

Bizarre and weird, indeed! However, if you are a person who is brave and adventurous enough to even think of trying it, then well, you can go ahead!

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