How to Save More Money on Food While in Barcelona

Barcelona is a spectacular city in Spain, known worldwide for its magnificent art and architecture. Even though Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Europe, it is not as crazy expensive as many people assume it to be. And the good news is you can visit the city while maintaining a fixed budget!

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Here’s how to go about Barcelona maintaining a food-budget:

  1. Avoid eating near popular tourist attractions. An obvious reason why you shouldn’t eat near any popular tourist attractions is that the prices are higher than necessary with an aim to grab large sums from tourists.
  2. Eat where the locals eat. Try to eat at places where the locals are eating, because they are usually low-priced or reasonable.
  3. Always check the menu and price before going for it. It is wise to understand what you are getting yourself into before blindly jumping in and be stunned with the bill later.
  4. Explore the La Boqueria market. The scene in this market is indeed overcrowded, but one cannot deny the fact that they provide world-class food in variety and at impressively reasonable prices.
  5. Avoid food stalls and restaurants that have their menu translated into multiple languages. In a city as popular as this, if you come across food corners and their menu is translated in more than two languages, it is likely a tourist scam.

However, Barcelona is generally a safe city for travelers and tourists with a very low crime rate. But, to be on a safe side while on a strict budget, it won’t hurt to be careful about your surroundings! For more information, any query regarding flight tickets just calls American Airlines phone number.

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